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Tyres – Wanda P349 TL (E-Marked) 14”

Tyres – Wanda P349 TL (E-Marked) 14”


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The Wanda P349 Tyre is an e marked road tyre for use on larger ATV's that use a 14” standard fitment size. This tyre features a durable compound and effective tread pattern for use on hard packed and tarmac surface. The benefits of using the Wanda P349 road tyre are much greater tyre life and increased grip when cornering and accelerating on tarmac and asphalt surfaces. This tyre has also been used to double up as a turf tyre as although it isn't a conventional turf pattern, it does offer a much lower impact on delicate ground than the aggressive all terrain and mud tyres that are often found in these sizes.
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