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Driveline Performance

Cylinder Kit (Big Bore) 392cc ‘Assassin’ for Yamaha Banshee

Cylinder Kit (Big Bore) 392cc ‘Assassin’ for Yamaha Banshee


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Driveline’s new 68mm big bore stock appearing Assassin cylinders. These cylinders are a new design from Driveline Performance which include 68mm Nikasil bore, triple exhaust ports, larger intake and transfer ports. We machine these cylinders in house so we can ensure that all cylinder specs are proper for a stock stroke crankshaft. Driveline cylinders are machined to specific heights so there are no spacer plates required a standard .020" base gasket is all that's needed.

The 392cc kit is designed to be used with a 54mm stock stroke crankshaft with stock 110mm rods.

This cylinder kit has an exhaust port timing of 190 which will give a very broad power band. We have seen 68+ H.P. with stock carbs and T5 pipes on these cylinders.

We have tested multiple exhaust manufacturers on our cylinders and most of them perform well, obviously the better the exhaust the more H.P. that will be achieved. Peak H.P. and power curves will also vary depending on the amount of compression and timing you choose to use along with the quality of reeds and carburettors that are being installed.

23cc or 24cc 9-degree big bore domes are required for pump gas if your elevation is below 500'   If your elevation is above 1000' you can use 22cc 9-degree big bore for pump gas.  

Kit includes:

  • 2 cylinders Nikasil plated to a 68mm bore size.
  • 2 Wiseco forged 68mm custom piston with a 9-degree dome angle and our custom intake window design, rings, wrist pins and circlips.
  • 2 rubber water jacket plugs.
  • 1 .020" base gasket
  • 10 stock style head studs.

Compatible with:
Yamaha Banshee

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