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Ferodo Brakes

Brake Pad Set for CanAm Applications

Brake Pad Set for CanAm Applications


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This sintered compound is for off-road use and is suitable for both dry and muddy conditions.

Key features of SG are:

  • Excellent performance and stability throughout temperature range
  • Designed to perform well also with the presence of abrasive particles coming from muddy conditions
  • Outstanding pad life even in muddy conditions.

Ferodo manufacturing plant produces and supplies OE, racing and aftermarket products, all customers benefit from the same world class quality standards. Our plant has the highest level of quality certification associated with OE production (ISO/TS 16949 & ISO 14001).

Our brake pads have a total of 26 separate quality controls during their manufacture which guarantees a repeatable and consistent product.

Compatible with:

CAN-AM (Side x Side)

Defender HD5 500cc 17-19 F(Left)

Defender HD8 799cc 17-19 F(Left)

Defender HD10 976cc 17-19 F(Left)

Defender 799cc 16 F(Left)

Defender 976cc 16 F(Left)

Defender DPS 799cc 16 F(Left)

Defender DPS 976cc 16 F(Left)

Defender Max 17 F(Left)

Defender Max HD8 799cc 18-19 F(Left)

Defender Max HD10 976cc 18-19 F(Left)

Defender T 17 F(Left)R(Left)

Defender XT 976cc 16 F(Left)

Defender XT 799cc 16 F(Left)

Defender XT Cab 976cc 16 F(Left)

Defender XT Cab 799cc 16 F(Left)

Maverick Trail 800R EFI 18 F(Left)

Maverick Trail 1000 EFI 18 F(Left)

Maverick X3 17 F(Left)&R(Left)

Maverick X3 Max Turbo 17 F(Left)&R(Left)

Maverick X3 Turbo 18 F(Left)&R(Left)

Maverick X3 Max Turbo 18 F(Left)&R(Left)

Maverick X3 Turbo R 18 F(Left)&R(Left)

Maverick X3 Max Turbo R 18 F(Left)&R(Left

King Quad 4WD 08-12 F(right)

LT-A 450 XK7/XK8/XK9 King Quad 07-10 F(right)


XPL0-XPL5 King Quad (Power steering) 09-15 F(right)

LT-A 700 XK5/XCK6/XK6/XK7

King Quad 05-07 F(right)

LT-A 750 XK8/XK9/XZK9/XL0

King Quad 08-10 F(right)


XZK8 King Quad (Power Steering) 09-12 F(right)

YXC 700 E Viking VI EP (YXC700PF/PXG/PXH/PXJ) 15-18 F


Commander Max 1000 DPS/XT 14 F

Maverick Max 1000 STD/XRS/DPS 14-15 F

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