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Exhaust - Dura-Pak 15” Exhaust Packing Kit

Exhaust - Dura-Pak 15” Exhaust Packing Kit


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Are you looking to do more riding and less worrying about maintenance? Well, Big Gun’s Dura-Pak kit might just be the ticket. For just shy of double the price of their Standard Packing, you get more than three times the life with this kit. Since all Big Gun mufflers are packing-style mufflers that contain packing material within them, they eventually require maintenance. Why not prolong your packing intervals with the Dura-Pak?

  • 15" (inch) packing pillow for easier installation
  • High-temp loose-fill packing material condensed into an outer casing (resembling a pillow)
  • 15" steel wool style specialty screen for added longevity
  • Rated at approximately 50 hours of ride time

o Note: This is an average and actual packing life can vary by model, usage, tuning, etc.

  • Maintains noise levels while keeping the power gains from your exhaust at their peak
  • Keeps overall heat of the muffler down
  • Can be used with most current and older style Big Gun Exhaust systems
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